The development of Eilenberg's mathematical talent 1930 – 1939

Stefan Jackowski
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - from 14:50 to 15:30
According to Peter Freyd (Notices AMS) He [Sammy] felt that he had been well nurtured by the Polish community of mathematicians. In my lecture I'll describe his mathematical development from the time that he became a first year student in 1930 until he left Poland nine years later. An excellent source showing his development is a notebook Eilenberg began in 1930. It starts with solutions of problems in Set Theory, with comments by his teacher Bronislaw Knaster, and ends in 1934 with drafts of early research papers. I'll discuss the content of Eilenberg's masters thesis (1934) and his doctoral dissertation (1936), written under the influence of Karol Borsuk. The interaction of Eilenberg with the Warsaw and the international mathematical community will be considered. I'll survey the results contained in almost 40 papers which Eilenberg published or submitted before leaving Poland in 1939. I'll trace in them some germs of his later famous work.