Social & Tourist Program

Conference banquet and buffets

A welcome buffet  will be offered on Sunday evening in the Registration Desk in the conference venue - Old Library of the University of Warsaw.

A conference banquet will be held on Wednesday, July 24 at 7:30 pm at the University of Warsaw premises.

Everyday there will be two coffeebreaks: one during the morning session and other during the afternoon session.

Warsaw Sightseeing Tours

All participants and accompanying persons are welcome to attend the Warsaw Sightseeing Tours, which will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. For details, see below. Please sign up at the Conference Desk. Your guide will be Anna Haman. All sightseeing tours, but the last excursion on bikes, are free; participants are expected to pay only for transportation and entrance tickets, when applicable.

University of Warsaw Old Campus

The history of the University of Warsaw, told by the buildings and commemorative plaques on the Old Campus and symbolic architecture of the new University Library. We'll find what Tadeusz Kościuszko have been doing here, why Frederic Chopin could study, but Maria Curie couldn't, what Eilenberg had seen. Plus a panorama of Praga district and Old Town from the roof of the new University Library.

Dates & meeting time: Monday, July 22, 12:00; Wednesday, July 24, 12:00.
Meeting point: The Old Library
Means of transportation: walking
Duration: 2h (with a shorter option)

The Royal Łazienki Park

The Royal Łazienki is a charming palace and garden complex located in the city center; a must-see for tourists, and the city dwellers' beloved destination for Sunday walks. During the trip you will not only see such beautiful monuments as the Palace on the Isle, the White House, the Amphitheater, or the Royal Orangery, but also admire nature (peacocks and squirrels are one of the favorite attractions of the park) as well as have the chance to take a rest in a truly picturesque environment.

Dates & meeting time: Monday, July 22, 16:00
Meeting point: The Old Library
Means of transportation: bus from the University main gate, walking
Duration: 2.5h

The Old Town

The walk takes you along the Krakowskie Przedmieście Street – the most elegant street of Warsaw, along which mansions and farms of noblemen were once built, and since the XVII century, palaces and residencies of magnates, churches and 56 warsaw sightseeing tours cloisters. Some of those were preserved to this day. The next important point is the King Sigismundus Vasa Column, in the center of the Castle Square, probably the best known monument in the city, and finally, the Old Town Market Square, which was the heart of economic, social and political life of ancient Warsaw.

Dates & meeting time: Tuesday, July 23, 11:00
Meeting point: The Old Library, University of Warsaw campus.
Means of transportation: walking
Duration: 2.5h

Highrise buildings on Ruins

Following World War II and the destruction of the city, remnants of Jewish life in Warsaw are scarce and scattered among highrise buildings all over the north-west part of the city. However, we will try to discover some, as well as the history they may tell. We will begin with a non-existing Tłomackie Square, once a busy place where Eilenberg attended high school. We will also visit a newly opened building of the Museum of History of Polish Jews.

Dates & meeting time: Tuesday, July 23, 16:00
Meeting point: The Old Library
Means of transportation: public transportation, walking
Duration: 3h

Jewish Cemetery

Paradoxically, the cemetery is quite a good place to show the life of the Warsaw Jewish community in its richness and diversity. We will also visit the graves of one of Eilenberg's teachers, the historian Meir Bałaban and the mathematician Samuel Dickstein.

Dates & Meeting time: Thursday, July 25, 13:00
Meeting point: The Old Library
Means of transportation: bus 180 from the Main University Gate, walking
Duration: 2h

Wild River in the City

The Wisła (Vistula) is a big and wild river. Even at the Warsaw part birdwatchers observe eagles, herons, kingfishers, cormorants... However, this is the city; wilderness has to coexist with civilization. We will see as well the beavers' nests as a modern fountain park. We will cycle under the Old Town, cross the river by the Gdański Bridge and cycle the Praga bank to Saska Kępa, cross back by ferry (if possible) and take a cycling path by Powiśle back to University.

Dates & meeting time: Thursday, July 25, 16:00
Meeting point: The Old Library
Means of transportation: bikes and ferry
Duration: 2h (biking 15km)
Price: 65 PLN (price includes the cost of renting the bicycle).