Speaker Title
Martin Hyland 45 years on: Some Abstract Mathematics of Eilenberg Slides in PDF
Noson S. Yanofsky Algorithmic Information Content of Categories Slides in PDF
Georg Biedermann Categorical Foundations for Goodwillie's calculus of homotopy functors Slides in PDF
Sebastian Klein Chow groups of tensor triangulated categories Slides in PDF
Karol Szumiło Cofibration categories and quasicategories Slides in PDF
Ramon Gonzalez Rodriguez Cohomology and crossed products for weak Hopf algebras Slides in PDF
Stanisław Szawiel coMalcev monoidal Monads Slides in PDF
Lukas Vokrinek Computing equivariant stable homotopy classes of maps Slides in PDF
Nigar Tuncer Ozarslan Concerning Inversible Fibrations, Globalization and Triviality of Maps Slides in PDF
Lurdes Sousa Eilenberg-Moore categories and Kan-injectivity Slides in PDF
Adam Przeździecki Full and almost full embeddings of the category of graphs into the Abelian Groups and other categories -- motivated by localizations Slides in PDF
Shmuel Weinberger Functoriality in surgery theory: geometric remarks and implications Slides in PDF
Constanze Roitzheim Homological Localisation of Model Categories Slides in PDF
Ramon Jesus Flores Diaz Idempotent functors and classifying spaces Slides in PDF
Haynes Miller Infinite loop spaces and the Steenrod algebra Slides in PDF
Janusz Przewocki Milnor-Thurston homology of some wild topological spaces Slides in PDF
Jiri Rosicky On a fat small object argument Slides in PDF
Haggai Tene On the product in negative Tate cohomology Slides in PDF
Davorin Lesnik Power Series in Synthetic Differential Geometry Slides in PDF
David Blanc Recognizing mapping spaces Slides in PDF
Fred Linton Revisiting Samuel Eilenberg’s notion of external structures on objects in categories Slides in PDF
Andre Joyal Simplicial sets in perspective Slides in PDF
Emily Riehl The formal theory of homotopy coherent monads Slides in PDF
Justin Noel The T-Algebra Spectral Sequence: Comparisons and Applications Slides in PDF
John Greenlees Torus equivariant cohomology theories from algebraic geometry Slides in PDF
Oriol Raventos Transfinite Adams representability Slides in PDF
Łukasz Sienkiewicz Weights for Objects of Monoids Slides in PDF